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If you have found us, you are probably looking for good, clean books for the whole family. That’s what we are here for! We have spent much time searching for good, books for our family and thought we would share them with those of you who are looking for the same. When we say “good books” we mean books that are morally uplifting. Books that encourage you to love God and your neighbor and also teach you something useful along the way.


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Some of the choices here are old reads that you may never have heard of before. Others are considered “classics” that you may not have read in a long, long time. Others still are “How-To” books that will possibly help you along in a particular area of interest. We have also included biographies of folks that have taught us something meaningful.  Some of these are free kindle downloads that can be accessed by clicking on the link provided. Others are “real” books that can be purchased by clicking on the picture of the book.

So,  it’s pretty basic really. We hope you find good, clean, wholesome reads here that will encourage you to love God and your neighbor.

Happy Reading!

Please note: Many of the posts on this site contain affiliate links.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Wholesome Reads!

  1. Richard Bennett

    Hello ! I typed in ‘wholesome books’ and this site popped up. I’m a part-time wholesome-book writer, and I’ve tried to keep the stories I’ve written suitable for the whole family, ages 10 thru 110, just in case anybody’s interested. I’m going to subscribe to this site and see what I can learn, plus learn what’s available. Thanks for this site, I was starting to wonder if there were others like me who don’t want to be bombarded with profanity and negative messages; there’s enough of that on the internet, radio and TV … not to mention books.

    Richard J. Bennett

  2. Elisha Wolter

    Hi I just found your blog, and I look forward to looking through all of your posts and pages! Thank you for your hard work in making these great books available to us! Many blessings!


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